A+ Essay About Expedition: Simple Writing Guide Based on the Weddell Sea Expedition Example

A+ Essay About Expedition
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If the professor assigned you to write an essay about a sea expedition, or you chose this topic yourself, you’ve landed on the right page! This article will guide you through every stage of writing a top-notch essay about a sea expedition based on the Weddell Sea Expedition example.

Before we get to the point, let us say a couple of words about the expedition itself. The expedition was initiated by John Shears (co-leader) and Julian Dowdeswell (chief scientist). It began on January 1, 2019, and lasted for 45 days, and, as you can guess from the name, the expedition took place on the Weddell Sea, located in Antarctica.

The core goals of the expedition were to study the life beneath the ice and investigate the ice shelves that have formed around the Weddell Sea. To be more specific, the scientists wanted to study one specific shelf named the Larsen C Ice Shelf after there was an incident in July 2017 when a giant iceberg broke off it.

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