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In addition to custom essay writing, our company provides affordable and top-class essay editing and proofreading. We offer a wide range of opportunities to meet both – your demands and budget. Our mission is to make your text great, whether it is a small essay or a huge Ph.D. dissertation.

Any kind of writing task can be exhausting and time-consuming. Working on a topic for a long time, you may find it difficult to proofread the complete text. Indeed, not everyone has energy, inspiration and skills to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling to make sure that everything is perfect. That is why has established a professional editing service. We have a number of offers, including proofreading, formatting, and even paraphrasing. We can find a writer or an editor for any purpose you have. By the way, we are available for your requests 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so do not hesitate to make your order at any time!

How can an essay editor assist you?

A college student, who has gone through all difficulties of essay writing, knows that the best (and sometimes, the worst) part is finishing. Once you have presented your thesis, figured out what and how to say, analyzed the arguments, and organized the ideas, the last thing is making a spell-check. The problem is that an automated spell-check cannot detect a great range of nuances your professor will notice or feel when he or she reads your essay. Some sentences and even paragraphs can seem boring, confusing, or distracting. This is a job for an essay editor – to polish your paper.

Sometimes, what seems a small inconspicuous blot appears to be a real problem. A poorly written sentence in an essay– the one that is unclear and indistinct – sometimes needs just a quick fix; however, it might demonstrate that you do not really know what you are trying to say. On the other hand, the language of your paper can seem confusing because the ideas are vague.

The job of an essay editor is not just fixing grammar, correcting misprints, and putting a final touch on your text. It is also about making your essay much better from the inside and the outside. Therefore, even if you are a skilled essay writer, hiring an editor at our agency is a great idea to make a good piece perfect.

We are going to review your text carefully, from the tiniest details to viewing it as a whole. The essay editing process starts with finding and fixing spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. On this stage, our essay specialists will make sure that your piece of writing is:

  • Easy to read and understand;
  • Grammatically correct;
  • Complete;
  • Concise;
  • Well-structured;
  • Has no punctuation errors.

On the next stages, our writers and editors make sure that:

  • The document is formatted correctly (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian or another style);
  • The word choice matches the academic level of an essay;
  • All quotations in the paper are explained and correctly-formatted.

To get a sense of a whole picture, our writers and editors review your essay as a whole and make sure that:

  • Your paper includes a strong thesis statement and every paragraph has a topic sentence;
  • Every essay paragraph presents a logical and well-expressed argument;
  • There is a logical flow between the parts of an essay and each part is relevant to the topic;
  • The essay is organized;
  • The topic is developed;
  • All the sources used for an essay are reliable. is a service that provides a full pack of proofreading and editing. We can polish any type of papers, including dissertations, creative writing, admission letters, lab reports, and more. Any time you need a writer or a proofreader, turn to our company, and we will do everything to make your essays brilliant! So do not hesitate anymore and order right now!